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Welcome to Crystal Clouds

We are dedicated to bringing you inspirational, motivational, but mostv importantly of all, meaningful, quotations and poems.

We believe there are too many poorly designed sites on the Web these days, most only offering meaningless, badly sourced and truly monotonous lists of aphorisms.

Crystal Clouds aims to improve on this and strives to provide an enjoyable and user-friendly environment to read, discover and collect great quotations and poems.

We belive Quotations and Poems can made a good birthday or greeting card into a great birthday or greeting card. One of our favourite card companies is a new company from the UK called

CardPop has a new website and you can easily visit their site, purchase a card and then use our site for inspiration to find the perfect quote or poem.

With over 100 card designs to choose from, you can find pop up cards in the UK by CardPop here.

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